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Restoring hope and joy through an intimate relationship with God.

Reach Seeks to Encourage and Highlight Skills Students Already Possess

A Reach leader worked with a boy and a girl on math last week. This is the first time he worked with Her so he took some time to establish connection with her. She was a very shy and private... Continue Reading →

Testimonies are an invitation for God to do it again

One of our leaders worked with two students on math. Both boys worked well but one had a tougher time staying focused. The boys were explaining about their ADD and ADHD. Our volunteer told them a few testimonies of people... Continue Reading →

A Release of the Healing Power of God

This past Thursday we had the opportunity to pray over a man who is currently battling lymphoma cancer. This is his second time battling after being in remission for 15 years. He’s a believer, and it was such a beautiful... Continue Reading →

I Speak Therefore I Am

One of our volunteers worked with two students on math. At the end of the session she worked with the girls on writing declarations. After talking with the teacher, she was able to have the girls write out how they... Continue Reading →

Praise God for His Healing Presence

An elderly woman we were praying for had wound on her leg with a MRSA infection. We were told the wound was about 28% healed so we prayed for healing and when we returned the next week, her leg was... Continue Reading →

The Simplest Touch Brings Healing

A wonderfully, sweet woman who had been at the nursing home for only a week talked to us and told us that she was experiencing pain in her shoulder. I felt moved to give her a massage and she told... Continue Reading →

Lend an Ear and the World Will Tell You Its Story

Each Thursday, from the moment we walk in the door the students rush over to us and are elated by us being there again. They begin to share updated news about their past week or their morning, some of them... Continue Reading →

Feeling Heard and Understood Makes all the Difference

In my classroom there is a young boy who was super hyperactive. Normally, the teachers would let him do his own thing in the classroom when he wouldn’t sit down and listen with the other kids. There was one day... Continue Reading →

Encouragement Brings Great Results

A man in our group had been working one on one with a young boy on his math homework before winter break and has seen some great work and work ethic. After break the boy was having a hard time... Continue Reading →

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